This Saturday, January 15 2022, Rocky Ridge Music College Intensive Flute Faculty member Claudia Anderson begins the inaugural tour of “Glass Ceilings,” a commission-performance project featuring works for solo flute and electronics.

“Glass Ceilings was written as part of a commission-performance project I initiated in late 2019, requesting four-minute works from a group of four notable women composers and including myself in the mix  With the advent of 2020’s unparalleled challenges to our way of life and to life itself, the original concept of the term expanded significantly.  From inequalities between men and women generally in our work life and personal rights, the pandemic and racially motivated acts of the past year influenced our pieces as we reflected on those populations who have been the most at risk from disease and violence, who have been front-line workers out of their social and financial status.  Glass Ceilings is dedicated to all of them.” – Claudia Anderson

The tour begins at Josephine Campbell Recital Hall at University of North Dakota’s Josephine Campbell Recital Hall on Saturday and will also feature the premieres of compositions by Dr. Lisa Bost-Sandberg, Eve Beglarian, Allison Loggins-Hull, Ali Ryerson, and Claudia’s own work “Glass Ceilings.” See UND Music’s event page for more information!

Join us in congratulating Claudia Anderson on the tour!

Glass Ceilings Tour Dates and Locations:

Jan. 15: University of North Dakota
Feb. 23-24: Shepherd School of Music at Rice University, Houston
March 16-17: University of Colorado-Boulder
March 23: University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
April 2: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
April 4: University of Northern Iowa
Don’t forget that Rocky Ridge Music will be hosting a virtual masterclass and discussion with Claudia Anderson on February 19. See this page for details.