Thanks for your interest in our summer programs! Please fill out this form to register for a Summer 2023 program.

Note that a registration fee will be required in order to submit this form. If you select the bedding option on the registration form, you will be charged an additional $85. You will receive an invoice for the tuition of the program(s) you are registering for within a day or two after you submit this form. Either our office staff or faculty members may reach out to you for more information once you have submitted this information.

Registration Fee Information

Please note that the Registration Fee will increase as time goes on according to the following schedule:

Registrations submitted on February 15 or before: $25

Submissions between February 16 and March 15: $50

Submissions between March 16 and April 15: $65

Submissions between April 16 and May 15: $75

Registrations submitted on May 16 or later: $85


Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or by phone at 303-449-1106. Thank you!