Online College Level Music Program for Ages 17 to 24

Our college musicians are entering a world that has changed dramatically in the past few months. Almost overnight, and at an accelerated pace of learning, we have all had to pivot to a virtual platform for much of our activities.

We are in an uncharted period of learning and possibilities due to Covid-19. While no one knows for sure how our cultural and educational organizations will change, it is clear they will change – in fact, they already have. Our need to express ourselves through the arts and to continually improve as musicians will not change. There will always be a market for the arts to lift our spirits and to remind us of our collective humanity. However, it is a reality that profound new ways of creating and sharing art, and the economics of art will have to replace old models.

During our 4-weeks of virtual Young Artist Seminar for college students, we want to retain what is best about master teacher to student learning through one on one lessons (90 minutes per week), coachings, and audition preparation. We will also take advantage of our campus without boundaries by exploring how to become a complete musician in a dawning new era. This happens through:


Traditional Learning

  • Score study: in-depth work on chamber and orchestral scores to prepare the student for auditions and performances.
  • Mock auditions
  • Masterclasses
  • Faculty seminars on topics of individual expertise.


Innovative Learning

  • Translation of individual artistry into the digital platform, exploring pros/cons and creating new models for performance.
  • Development of listening skills oriented towards a virtual platform.
  • Expansion of an understanding of both audio and visual technology (hardware and software) that can enhance the musician’s readiness for new learning and performance parameters.


Envisioning the Future

  • Networking with musicians from all over the world: spirited discussion and problem-solving workshops with world-wide arts leaders and thinkers to help create a thriving new arts economy.


We welcome your applications to this unique online program! Apply here! If you have any questions, please call 303-449-1106 or email us at

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