2020-2021 Virtual Alumni Concert Series

Join us for monthly virtual performances featuring Rocky Ridge Music Center alumni, hosted by our faculty members.

Any questions? Call 303-449-1106 or email RRMC@RockyRidge.org.

Ticket Price:

$10 per household for each performance


March 14: Alumni Clarinetists, hosted by David Shea


Start Time: 3 pm (Colorado Time)


Josh Goo (Young Artist Seminar 2015): Dance Preludes (1959) by Witold Lutoslawski (1913-1994)

1. Allegro molto
2. Andantino
3. Allegro giocoso
4. Andante
5. Allegro molto
Nathan Canfield, Piano


Mia Zamora (Young Artist Seminar 2014): Concerto for Clarinet by Eugène Bozza ​(1905-1991)



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March 28: Oboe Alumni, hosted by Peter Cooper and Jason Lichtenwalter


Start Time: 4 pm (Colorado Time)

Program: TBA.


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April 18: Junior Program Alumni, Co-hosted by Mary-Beth Tyndall and Wynne Wong-Rife


Start Time: 3 pm (Colorado Time)

Program: TBA.

previous performances

December 13, 2020: “Beethoven and Friends”: Alumni Pianists Hosted by Gerardo Teissonnière


Start Time: 3 pm (Colorado Time)

John Phillips (Young Artist Seminar 2020)

Beethoven: Sonata no.7 in D Major, op.10 no.3 

  • I. Presto

Chopin: Scherzo no.2 in b-flat minor, op.31

Helen Nebeker (Young Artist Seminar 2019)

Beethoven: Sonata no.12 in A-flat Major, op. 26

  • I. Andante con Variazioni

Scriabin: Étude in D-flat major, Op.42 no.1 

Caleb Owens (Young Artist Seminar 2020)

Beethoven: Sonata No.27 in e minor, Op. 90

  • I. Mit Lebhaftigkeit und durchaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck

Lowell Liebermann: Gargoyles, Op. 29 

  • I. Presto
  • II. Adagio semplice, ma con molto rubato
  • III. Allegro moderato
  • IV. Presto feroce


February 7, 2021:  Flute Alumni Hosted by Claudia Anderson

Start Time: 3 pm (Colorado Time)

Madeleine Strong (Young Artist Seminar 2018)

Georg Phillip Telemann: Fantasia no. 9 in E Major

  • Affettuoso
  • Allegro
  • Grave – Vivace

Shauna Heisler (Young Artist Seminar 2019)

Michael Oliva: Moss Garden for bass flute and electronics

Coreisa Lee (Young Artist Seminar 2011)

Ian Clarke: Sunstreams

Nnamdi (Papa) Odita-Honnah (Young Artist Seminar 2019)

Katherine Hoover: To Greet The Sun for solo flute

Claudia Anderson (Young Artist Seminar Faculty Member)


Megan Hutchison (Young Artist Seminar 2018)

Paul Mekailian: Petrichor for solo alto flute

Ariel Flach (Young Artist Seminar 2017)

Allison Loggins Hull: Homeland

Antonio Herbert (Young Artist Seminar 2015 and 2020)

Jacob ter Velduis: The Garden of Love for flute and electronics