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Emma Wine, Fall 2020
“This songwriting course kick-started my creative energies and opened up a world of music that, as a classically trained musician, I had shied away from for years. Mike Barnett was a knowledgeable and kind teacher, and by the end of the first session, I felt like my fellow songwriting students, Mike, and I had really connected. Songwriting is a combination of learning about form, literary devices, and technique and learning about yourself and your creative brain, and Mike was the perfect mentor to combine those and create a safe space where no idea was a bad idea. This course was super fun, but also (and this is not an understatement) totally changed my musical life. I feel more energized, inspired, and creative every day, and I’m beyond grateful to Rocky Ridge for helping me to rediscover my passion and enthusiasm for writing music.”


Songwriting is one of the most richly expressive and enduring forms of human creativity. Many amateur musicians have aspirations for commercial success and a career in music, while others wish explore songwriting purely as a means of musical and personal fulfillment.

Whatever the goal, this course is designed to help musicians, from beginners to advanced, who would like to make songwriting a more integral aspect of their musical lives. Your particular stylistic interests need not be a consideration as the elements of songwriting discussed in this course transcend style and genre.

This course is open to instrumentalists, vocalists, and electronic musicians. Capped at 6 students. Open to ages 18 and older.


Class Structure and Schedule:

Each week you’ll participate in a 60-minute group class and a 30 – minute private lesson with Dr. Barnett.


7-Week program: $350.00 per student

For seven weeks you’ll get to participate in a 60-minute group class as well as a 30-minute private lesson with Dr. Mike Barnett.

Songwriting Spring 2021

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