College Intensive: Solo + Chamber

AGES 18-24

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Accepting strings, woodwinds, and piano applications. 


During two or four weeks of intensive study, students receive a music education that is unmatched anywhere in the country in breadth, depth, and value. In addition to two weekly private lessons, students will receive performance opportunities, participate in special topics seminars, and delve into advanced chamber music with coaching by world-class musicians, including an opportunity to be coached by a founding member of the Takács Quartet.



  • Optional interactive panel discussions with music industry leaders
  • Mock auditions offer students feedback from seasoned orchestral musicians
  • A year-round mentorship program with professionals from other fields for whom music is an integral part of their lives.  
  • String Quartet Intensive: During Session 1, string quartets will study with distinguished faculty members Károly Schranz and Si-Yan Darren Li. Students need not be part of a fully-formed quartet to participate in this program. Please indicate your interest in this program on your application form.

Students may choose to attend a Half Session of the College Intensive. Please indicate your choice of session on your application form. 

Half Session 1: 5/31 – 6/12, 2022 || Half Session 2: 6/14 to 6/26, 2022 || Full Session: 5/31 to 6/26, 2022


Fees, Faculty and Schedules

  • Full Session: $4,250 (includes lodging and meals)
  • Half Session: $2,125 (includes lodging and meals)
  • $85
  • Piano usage fee for piano majors is $150
  • Secondary instrument lessons fee is $300
  • Bedding (optional) is $85

All students who complete an application will be considered for merit scholarships. If you would like more information about our scholarships, please visit our Scholarships page.  Rocky Ridge offers need-based financial aid in the form of student employment.


Jason Lichtenwalter Oboe, English Horn
David Shea Clarinet
Dawn Wohn Violin
Andrew Campbell Collaborative Piano
Important Refund and Other Policies


  1. In order to secure your placement in the program, a 50% deposit of your tuition is due within 7 days of receiving your acceptance letter. Your final deposit is due a month before the beginning of your program.
  2. Any tuition paid is nonrefundable.
  3. If the camps are mandated to close by the CDC, state, or local authorities, you will receive a full tuition refund if the program has not yet started. If the camp is mandated to close during a program, your tuition refund will be prorated.*
  4. The camp will follow all applicable public health orders and federal, state, and local guidance regarding mitigating the spread of COVID-19, which may include indoor and outdoor occupancy limits, rapid COVID-19 tests, daily symptom and temperature checks, social distancing protocols, face covering requirements, and other protocols.
  5. The camp may require each camper to submit a current, signed health history that includes information in relation to the activities in which a camper may participate. This health history will include a description of any camp activities from which the camper should be exempted for health reasons; a record of past medical treatment, if any; a record of allergies and/or dietary restrictions; a statement from the custodial parent/guardian attesting that all immunizations required for school are up to date and including the actual date of last tetanus shot; a record of current medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter; and a description of any current physical, mental, or psychological conditions requiring medication, treatment, or special restrictions or considerations while at camp. The camp also recommends that all campers be vaccinated against COVID-19, provided that they are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine according to guidelines issued by the CDC and the applicable state or local public health agency.
  6. As a safeguard during this uncertain time, Rocky Ridge recommends that you purchase a third party tuition/travel insurance plan which will protect your investment should you choose to cancel ahead of time or are unable to complete the camp. We have partnered with TravMark, which comes highly recommended by AM Skier, Rocky Ridge’s insurance provider. Please see this page for more information on how to sign up for insurance. Regardless of which insurance company you choose, please take note that often the best time to purchase this type of insurance is when you make your initial deposit. 
  7. We will be updating this policy list regularly. Please continue to visit this list for the most recent policy updates and COVID-19 safety protocols that will be required prior to and during the camps.
  8. *Except for the application fee of $85, which is nonrefundable.
String Quartet Intensive: Session 1

Distinguished faculty members Károly Schranz and Si-Yan Darren Li will coach string quartets during Session 1 (June 1 through June 13) of the Young Artist Seminar in 2021. As part of this intensive program, you can expect:

  • Performance opportunities
  • 5-6 hours of coaching a week
  • Masterclasses

Audition requirements:

  • Movement from a Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven string quartets
  • Contrasting movement or work of ensemble’s choice
  • Apply as a string quartet instead of as individuals

Financial Aid

YAS Scholarship Information

Merit Scholarship

All students who complete an application will be considered for merit scholarships. If you would like more information about our scholarships, please visit our Scholarships page.

Need-based Financial Aid

Rocky Ridge offers need-based financial aid in the form of student employment (counselors and work-study) to students accepted into the Young Artist Seminar’s Full Session (4-week) Program. To apply for need-based financial aid, complete the Financial Aid form on Young Artist Seminar application, upload an audition recording, and submit the appropriate tax documentation.

Students listed as dependents must submit their parent(s)/guardian’s most recent income tax return. Financial aid applications will not be considered without this information and priority is given to complete applications (including attachment and audition) submitted by March 15, 2021.


Counselors are Young Artist Seminar (YAS) students who supervise, reside with, and mentor up to eight students under age 18 during the programs preceding or following the Young Artist Seminar. Counselors are not on duty during the four weeks of the Young Artist Seminar, June 1 to June 27. Students may be eligible for both a counselor position and a work-study position in 2021. You may also apply for more than one counselor position. Applicants must be age 20 or older on the first day of their counselor duty.

Counselor Positions

  • Co-head Counselor: $4,250 (June 29 to August 1), 2 positions awarded.
  • Junior Music Program: $1,750 (June 29 to July 11), up to 5 positions awarded.
  • Junior Artist Seminar Counselor: $1,750 (July 13 to July 25), up to 5 positions awarded.
  • Jazz Program Counselor: $850 (July 27 to August 1), up to 2 positions awarded.



Work-study recipients are Young Artist students who are given additional job responsibilities that may include janitorial, kitchen crew, stage set-up, or grounds upkeep. Work-study positions are paid hourly; students can expect to work approximately 2 hours per day during the Young Artist Seminar and more during the other programs. You can apply for one or more positions. Applicants must be age 18 or older on the first day of their work-study duty.


Work-study Positions:

  • Young Artist Seminar Work-Study: $15/hr up to $850 gross earnings, May 30 (arrival between 3pm-9pm) to June 28 (departure 2pm-7pm)
  • Junior Music Program Work-Study: $15/hr up to $850 gross earnings, June 28 to July 12 (food and housing provided).
  • Junior Artist Seminar Work-Study: $15/hr up to $850 gross earnings, July 12 to July 26 (food and housing provided).
  • Jazz Program Work-Study: $15/hr up to $500 gross earnings, July 26 to August 2 (food and housing provided).


Important Note

Shortly after notification of financial aid award, counselors and work-study students will receive a detailed agreement specifying arrival and departure times for their choice of work schedule. We highly recommend you do not make travel arrangements without consulting the financial aid award agreement and/or consulting with our office at 303-449-1106. All amounts listed represent total gross income before any applicable taxes.


Please Consult IRS Guidelines for Financial Independence

If you do not meet all the guidelines for financial independence based on the IRS guidelines, please submit a copy of your parent/guardian’s most recent federal income tax return with your application.

Audition Requirements

Young Artist Program applicants must submit a recorded audition to complete their application for admission and be considered for merit scholarship or other financial aid.

Audition should consist of two contrasting pieces or movements that best represent the applicant’s level and accomplishment. Please submit video recording or a YouTube link, audio-only recordings will not be accepted.

  • Applications for Summer 2022 will be available in October.