Sharon Arms

Currently Teaching:

Sharon Arms is a writer, singer, and student musician who spent 40+ years in the heart of South Louisiana’s Cajun culture, much of that involved in the French music scene. With an M.A. in French from the University of LA at Lafayette, she has taught French and participated in cultural research, transcription and translation of song lyrics, and composition of new songs. She knew many of the Cajun and Creole old-timers who kept the music alive before the 80s revival. With an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine, she has written books and articles for children and adults based in the bayou and prairie culture (published under her former married name Doucet). Her books include the tall tale Alligator Sue, adaptations of Creole folktales Lapin Plays Possum and Why Lapin’s Ears Are Long, middle-grade historical novel Fiddle Fever, novel Back Before Dark, and Le Hoogie Boogie Songbook: Louisiana French Music for Kids. She now lives in the Colorado Rockies near Rocky Ridge Music Center.