Max Legrand

RRMA Faculty, Denver

Instruments: Banjo, Guitar
Currently Teaching: Music Academy Denver, Music Academy

Max is a Colorado native, an experienced guitar instructor, and the creator of HappyBanjoDude… the most popular YouTube channel for banjo tutorials. He began his musical journey at age 13 learning the acoustic guitar stylings of Dave Matthews and John Mayer, and then quickly progressed to the virtuosic playing of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. After being admitted to the Berklee College of Music, he decided to take a different path and moved to Austin, Texas to pursue his longtime dream of being a rock guitarist. He was then hired to work at Strum Music School (currently Lonestar School of Music) and over the course of five years taught thousands of lessons to students ranging in ages from five to sixty. During this time he casually bought a banjo on Craigslist because of his long-time love of banjo maestro Béla Fleck. Dissatisfied with the lack of modern banjo transcriptions available on the internet, he started transcribing popular banjo songs and shooting video lessons to accompany them. This was the beginning of HappyBanjoDude, which now has over 42,000 YouTube subscribers and 6 million total channel views. In addition to maintaining his website, Max also moonlights as an ecstatic dance DJ and plays lead guitar for local singer-songwriter Lucas Wolf. He specializes in teaching all styles of guitar and banjo and has one goal for his students: to have as much fun as possible.