Maria McCullough & Yahvi Pichardo

Currently Teaching:

Maria y Yahví joyfully share music from various Mexican music traditions including music from the U.S./Mexico border, Son Jarocho (Veracruz), and Son Calentano (Michoacan/Guerrero).  They are both multi-instrumentalists and vocalists and taught in Chicago for 15 years before moving to the Southwest. Maria was born in sunny Southern California where she was encouraged to share music as a gift with her family and community to express emotions and lift up. Yahví Pichardo was born in Mexico City. He toured Mexico as a child tagging along with his dad and the band Zazhil. He also participated in youth orchestras at an early age with his brother.

Maria y Yahví believe that music is inside everyone. Through music, we communicate, express emotions and create social change. Their focus is on community playing and singing because together we make a beautiful, powerful sound!

In October of 2015, they co-founded Carambola Community Music (El Paso) where they get to share their love of music by teaching people of all ages. Carambola is a safe, culturally affirming space where people from any background can gather to learn and express together.  Their instrumentation includes fiddle, guitar, jarana, voice, percussion, marimbol and zapateado.

They have traveled to Mexico for the past 12 years studying with master musicians such as Juan Reynoso Portillo, Serafín Ibarra Cortez, Víctor Pichardo,  Jesús Peredo Flores, Los Utrera, Don Nacho Bustamante,  and Octavio Rebolledo

You can learn more about Maria y Yahví and their on-going projects at: