Julie Holly

Yoga for Musicians Instructor

Education: Howard University
Yoga Instructor since 2010
Personal Trainer since 2014
Cancer Exercise Specialist since 2015
Trauma Informed Instructor since 2015
Certified in Children's Yoga since 2019
Currently Teaching: Summer Programs

Julie Holly is dedicated to helping her students find their dharma and then put it into action to become a positive force in the world. Julie came to Yoga after a near death experience, caused by unmanaged stress, and has been certified as a Yoga Instructor since 2010. To deepen her understanding of how the body moves and anatomy, she became certified as a Personal Trainer in 2014 and certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist in 2015. Her continuous yearning for knowledge and her dedication to service also lead her to become certified as a Trauma Informed instructor in 2015 and Certified in Children’s Yoga in 2019.

Julie is a student of the dynamic Yoga Teacher Amy Ippoliti and the legendary Dr. Douglas Brooks. She is also a graduate of the historic Howard University in Washington DC where she currently resides.

In addition to teaching Yoga full-time, Julie is the mom of a rescue dog named Malcolm Huey.