Harry Tuft

Currently Teaching:

Harry Tuft started his singing career with the Dartmouth College Glee Club.  Listening to recordings by Leadbelly, Pete Seeger, and Bill Broonzy, he quickly took up guitar, and upon graduation was a regular in the Sunday “hootenannies” at the legendary Gilded Cage Coffeehouse in his native Philadelphia. Skiing in Colorado led to gigs in Georgetown and Aspen, and a permanent move to Denver, where he opened the Denver Folklore Center.  While running the music store, Harry engaged in a series of musical endeavors.  He was a radio disc jockey on a 70’s free-form radio station, he has sung and recorded with Steve Abbott and Jack Stanesco in the popular Denver band, Grubstake, and he also did numerous jobs as a soloist, and with a variety of free-lance bands. In 1978 he recorded his first album, Across The Blue Mountains, for Folk Legacy Records.  This was a classic folk album that featured traditional music and a half dozen songs by contemporary singer-songwriters. In 2012 popular demand and his own musical ambitions led to his current album, Treasures Untold. “I retain a keen interest in ballads, traditional and contemporary, unaccompanied and with instrumentation.  I continue to respond to songs new to me, with an eager desire to learn them.  My tee shirt would read, ‘So many songs, so little time.'” Harry has accumulated over twenty years of teaching, both privately and in groups, focusing on basic guitar techniques, with an emphasis on an investigation of the elements of music, and how those elements relate to playing the guitar.  “It’s great to witness a student ‘getting it’ for the first time.”