Dr. Mike Barnett, Instructor

Virtual using Zoom, Starting Fall of 2020


This 4-week course is designed to help musicians, from beginners to advanced, who would like to make songwriting a more integral aspect of their musical lives. It is open to both instrumentalists and vocalists as well as electronic musicians.

Join us for an introductory class on September 1st to start the songwriting process (no commitment required).


Date and time of introductory class: September 1 at 7 PM MDT

Cost of introductory class: $10.00

Open to ages 18 and older.

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Japanese Music and Dance

Mami Itasaka-Keister and Dr. Jay Keister, Instructors

Virtual using Zoom, Starting Fall of 2020


Lessons in Japanese music and dance that ranges from traditional folk songs to taiko drumming to contemporary songs from popular anime films. Instruction may include training on Japanese instruments (no prior experience necessary) or Western instruments (if prior experience).


Special Introductory Lesson in Japanese Music and Dance (60 minutes) on August 25th at 7 pm MDT

In this introduction to Japanese music and dance, Instructors Mami Itasaka-Keister and Jay Keister will demonstrate the Japanese folk song “Soran Bushi.” Students will be introduced to basic Japanese singing, taiko drumming, and dancing for this popular song from Hokkaido, and hear an arrangement for Western instruments.


Date and time of Introductory class: August 25 at 7 PM MDT

Cost of Introductory class: $10.00

Open to ages 18 and older.


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