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JAM (Junior Advisory Membership) is a group of young music lovers, aged 16 to 24, who are selected each year to counsel Rocky Ridge on various topics, attend seminars by guest speakers and industry leaders, and network with other young musicians. We want to know how arts nonprofit organizations like us can best serve young musicians on their journeys, regardless of what their career goals are.

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In 2022, the theme of our JAM Sessions will be: the future of philanthropy.

Most musicians will encounter nonprofit organizations in their future professional endeavors, and many of them might even end up working for a nonprofit. Do you know how nonprofits work? Do you understand the centrality of philanthropy to a nonprofit’s mission? What is it and how does it work? Will future generations want to be philanthropists? Will they be able to? What might be the best ways to engage future donors going forward? Join us as we tackle these questions and more. We’ll also bring a series of expert guest speakers to help us discover the answers!