Spring 2020 Appeal

Rocky Ridge Needs You!

March 18, 2020

March at Rocky Ridge Music Center is typically a time of busy preparation and building excitement as we ramp up for our summer season of camps and concerts, but as our 78thsummer approaches, we face a challenge unlike any in our seven-decade history. As citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations alike have drastically modified plans and daily routines to help control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is feeling the impact of these disruptions in profound ways. Along with restaurants, hotels, and airlines, arts and culture organizations are facing the devastating prospect of months of closure, with no income to support our staff members and artists.

Although we have made no changes to our summer programming at this point, anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the question of when the worst of the pandemic will be behind us is understandably upending the plans of many in our participant community. Like every small arts education organization, Rocky Ridge Music Center relies on both donations and tuition revenue to fund our operations. With the possibility of limited or postponed summer programming, we will need to rely more than ever on our community’s generosity to fill the gap and secure a future of music in the mountains. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by mid-April.

Please consider donating generously by clicking here. If you prefer, you can send a check made out to Rocky Ridge Music Center 1128 Pine St. Boulder, CO 80302. We will be posting our progress toward this goal on this page and on our social media!

Should you be in a position to make a substantial gift, please email RRMC@RockyRidge.Org and a member of our executive team will contact you.

We thank you for your commitment to our cultural institutions, and wish you and your family well through this challenging period.


SoYoung Lee, Executive Director
Stephen Dilts, Board President

A huge thank you to those who have already donated:

  • Rosemarie Murane
  • Tim Patenode and Judith Royal
  • Anonymous
  • Saundra Wagelie
  • Mary Beck
  • Jean Lu
  • Kathryn Snyder and Gerald Kutchey
  • Mary Ann Ross
  • Michael Sturges
  • Harold and Joan Leinbach
  • Philip Hay
  • Gregory Dubinsky
  • Linda Wolpert
  • Ellen Lewis
  • Heidi Volk
  • Olivia Mitchel
  • Barbara Couture
  • Jean Henderson
  • John and Marilyn Vergoth
  • Cathy Smetana
  • Goodwin Liu
  • Yanasak Family
  • Gretchen Nagy and Allan Sandlin
  • Elizabeth “Lizzy” Sandlin
  • Terry and Jenny Cloudman
  • Lee Smith
  • Ernest Petrocine
  • Elizabeth Marr and John Price
  • Wynne Wong-Rife
  • Julie Romeo
  • Nathan Hess
  • Megan Quilliam
  • Larry Seckman
  • Hannes Dietrich
  • Hans Ruedi and Jeralyn Joan Friedli
  • Jim Crump and Mary McBeth
  • Carol Rankin
  • Ronald and Dianne Lawson
  • Brian and Eileen Kocses
  • Nate Smith
  • Terry Hawkins
  • Sheryl Holmes
  • Christopher Osgood
  • Stephen Bollinger
  • Kevin Horn
  • William Gingles
  • Mary Ann Ross
  • Candace and Michael Connery
  • Donald Charnetski and Claudia Anderson
  • Richard and Martha Blum
  • Jarvis Family Giving Fund
  • Michael Combs
  • Elizabeth Beghou
  • Dennis Gallagher
  • Margaret Tuttle
  • Elissa Guralnick
  • Barbara and Paul Couture
  • Fred Hammond
  • Anonymous
  • Lisa Bein Hainline
  • Kathleen Packard
  • Andy Grant
  • George Stone
  • Gabe Racz
  • Judy Abplanalp
  • Peter Gruntfest
  • Kristen Penny
  • Elizabeth A. Stonecipher
  • Katherine Long
  • Melvina Carrick
  • Charles and Debra Brindis
  • Claudia Anderson
  • Kathy McDonald
  • Stephen Bollinger
  • Bruce Budy
  • Joe and Connie Theobold
  • Lynn Streeter
  • Georgia Finnigan
  • SoYoung Lee
  • Elizabeth Marr
  • Meredith Dodd
  • Suzanne Walters
  • Cheryl Staats
  • Barbara Kreader Skalinder
  • Samuel Jarvis
  • Michael Combs
  • Kathryn Bowers
  • John Dilts
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Pasquale Bianculli and Kathleen Mcdonald
  • Stephen Dilts

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