Fall 2020 Appeal

October 26, 2020

Dear friends,


We are so grateful for your words of support, encouragement, and love during a time when our beloved Rocky Ridge Music Center – Estes Park campus has been under the threat of East Troublesome Fire. As of yesterday, October 25th, our immediate region has been downgraded to voluntary evacuation zone. Hearing from so many of you about how much Rocky Ridge Music Center has meant to you over the years, we are determined more than ever to preserve our beautiful campus for many more generations into the future.


A hopeful communication from our former property manager, Jon Bell, who lives near the campus arrived in our Inbox:

“Mother Nature seems to have decided that we’ve had enough fire. The wind died out at sundown yesterday, and fine snow began to fall about midnight. As of 4 pm Sunday, I have 10 degrees on the thermometer and 7 inches of champagne powder snow with more falling vigorously.”


Never before has the power of music been more essential to our lives and to our sense of well-being than it is now. As the pandemic continues and fires rage in the western United States, including Colorado, our hearts go out to those affected directly by these crises.


In this time of great isolation and distress, music can transcend and bring healing. Take a moment to listen to Eric Whitacre’s “Sing Gently” where 17,572 singers from 129 countries joined together to celebrate the reach of their voices around the world. It is in this spirit of healing unity that we reach out to you.


Rocky Ridge has been a place where the beauty and inspiration of the natural world has joined with our own music to create magic and transformation for nearly 80 years. And we believe it can continue to sing out and be heard for many years to come. But we cannot do it without your voice and your support, especially now. Help us reach our fall fundraising goal of $25,000. Please consider donating generously by clicking here, or by sending a check to Rocky Ridge Music Center at 1128 Pine St. Boulder, CO 80302. We will be posting our progress toward this goal on our website and social media!


Join us. Together, we can continue to transform lives through music, nature, and community.



SoYoung Lee

Executive Director


A huge thank you to those who have already donated:

  • William G. Gingles
  • David Pinkow
  • Tzo Nah
  • Melvin Rueppel and Leonora Gray Rueppel
  • Linda Neuman
  • Larry and Kas Eldridge
  • Rebecca Roser
  • Hsiao-Ling Lin
  • Michelle Ritter
  • Julie Ripley Evans
  • Patty Smith
  • Carolyn Kelly
  • SoYoung Lee
  • Stan and Kathy Osborne
  • Barbara Wilcox
  • Carol Rankin
  • David and Wynne Rife
  • David and Janet Robertson
  • Peter and Kathleen Kahn
  • Tim Patenode and Judith Royal
  • Nathan and Jeanne Smith
  • Michael and Kathryn Gendel
  • Kathleen Sullivan
  • Jeanne Nelson
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Jerri Witt
  • Kathleen Packard
  • David and Carol Osborne
  • Raymond Songayllo
  • Georgia Finnigan
  • Kurt and Terry Hansen
  • Michael and Candace Connery
  • Del Tura
  • James and Joanne White
  • Madison Casey
  • Paul Jarvis
  • Ellen Lewis
  • Liz Weisiger
  • Barbara Kreader
  • Lisa Holsberg
  • Anonymous

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So far we have raised $13,676 towards our $25,000 target! That’s 55% of the total!

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