Junior Music Program Final Concert

July 11, 2021 | 10:30 am

Featuring: Junior Music Program
Location: Live-Streamed Over YouTube

Join us to for a recital featuring the students of our Junior Music Program on their final day of their Rocky Ridge adventure!

Program Information

Junior Music Program Composition Project

Three musical settings to Aesop’s Fables

The Wolf, Dog, and Sheep

The sheep happily graze all day as the dogs keep watch. When the sheep wander off too far, the dogs bark to remind them to stay in the meadow. A cunning wolf comes along and convinces them to question their friendship with the dogs.


Bodhi, Thomas, and Leo as the sheep

Jonathan and Lucy as the dogs

Aralyn as the wolf

Elsa as the narrator


The Sheep Theme

Composed by Alex

Dog Theme

Composed by Bodhi and Leo

Wolf Theme

Composed by the Rocky Ridge Junior Music Program


Violins-Alex, Kieran, Maggie

Celli-Quetzi and Lennie

Piano-Diego and Elsa


The Bees, Wasps, and Hornet

The bees worked everyday on their honeycomb. One day, when they were out pollinating flowers, a couple of wasps claimed the honeycomb as their own. The two groups decided to take the quarrel to court, where it’d be settled by the hornet.


Leo as the ant

Bodhi as Justice Hornet

Elsa and Linnea as the wasps

Jonathan and Thomas as the bees

Kieran as the narrator


Justice Hornet’s Theme

Composed by Lucy and Lennie

Wasp Theme

Composed by Diego and Jonathan

Bee Theme

Composed by Aralyn and Quetzi


Violins-Alex, Maggie, Lucy, Aralyn

Celli-Lennie and Quetzi



The Grasshopper and Ants

Every summer, the ants work around the clock to make sure that they have enough food for the winter. This particular year, the ants were bothered by a fiddling grasshopper. When winter actually came, the grasshopper had no food and the ants had plenty. 


Linnea as the narrator

Kieran as the grasshopper

Aralyn, Lucy, and Quetzi as the ants

Grasshopper Theme

Traditional fiddle tune, performed by Kieran on violin

Arranged by Elsa and Kieran

Ant Theme

Composed by Maggie and Linnea


Violins-Alex, Maggie, and Leo




Gavotte and Musetta by John Kosicelny

The Rocky Ridge Junior Music Program Ensemble and Rebecca McKee, conductor


American Strings, Traditional – arranged by Mary Beth Tyndall

The Rocky Ridge Junior Music Program Ensemble and Mary Beth Tyndall, conductor


Romance d’Amour by Anonymous – arranged by Mary Beth Tyndall and Rebecca McKee



Aralyn, violin; Lennie, cello; and Thomas, piano


The Rocky Ridge Song – Welsh Folk Song arranged by Maggie Polk Olivo

William Hinkie, violin

Maggie Polk Olivo, violin

Rebecca McKee, viola

Mary Beth Tyndall, cello

Free and open to the public.